SimpleFX Review and Its Good Features

Choosing reliable broker and trading platform is very important for a trader. This becomes essential steps before they start trading. Of course, traders still need to learn and improve their skills and knowledge. However, when it comes to the trading activities, those are managed through the trading platform provided by the broker. For the experts and experienced traders, it may not be hard since they have experiences and more references to choose the suitable broker and platform. However, it will be different story for the beginners or novice traders who are still lack of information. SimpleFX Review can become one of the references to know more about the trading platforms.

SimpleFX is broker is not a new broker. It is a brokerage company that has started its business from 2014. The broker was registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines and now it has provided the trading services globally. The services can be accessed in many countries. One of the most interesting features offered by SimpleFX is its access to open an account in cryptocurrency. This is something interesting since now cryptocurrency becomes hypes in the world of trading and it enables easier access for traders who want to trade the crypto coins. It supports many cryptocurrencies, and of course Bitcoin and Ether are some of them. In addition to opening account in cryptocurrency, it also allows traders that use the platform to withdraw the fund in cryptocurrency. This will be beneficial for traders who really want to focus on crypto trading. As for the main currencies for trading, it supports USD and many options of cryptocurrencies.

In fact, SimpleFX is quite useful for new traders. Novice traders can check the simple fx review especially in term of its minimum deposit and they will know why it is good for the novice traders. Its minimum deposit is only $1. This is very affordable for new traders who are still learning and they are not confident enough to use huge funds for their trading activities. Moreover, some novice traders may not have enough funds when they have to start trading with deposits more than $100. Thus, this minimum deposit provides good benefits for novice traders since they can avoid great risks by using small amount of deposit for trading and they can have easier access in which they do not have to collect their money before depositing the funds.

In term of account, it has personal account as the regular account for the traders. It is quite convenient enough to use. However, although it is quite supportive for the novice traders with its low deposit threshold, it still does not have demo account that usually can become good chance to practice in trading. This may become one of the concerns that people need to pay attention to. As for its trading platform, it uses the Metatrader 4 that has become quite popular among traders so it will not be hard to use the platform and learn how to use it in trading. As for the language, it only offers English as the main communication of access and technical supports in which it should not be big problem since its services are also available globally and it is common language to use in many situations.