Key Differences and Uses of Deep Cycle Batteries and Starter Batteries

One of the most important things to consider when buying batteries is how you will go about using them. Knowing what you will use the batteries for is an essential factor, especially when choosing something as expensive as a heavy-duty battery. Standard batteries like the ones you see in your TV remote are simple enough to distinguish as you can tell them apart from size alone. On the other hand, heavy-duty batteries are harder to tell apart as even though they might look the same, they have different functions and are intended for different use cases.

The two most common heavy-duty batteries you will find yourself choosing from are deep cycle batteries and starter batteries. These batteries look similar but significantly differ in how they perform and the different use cases they fall under. If you consider getting yourself something like a 300AH lithium battery but aren’t sure about their best use case and difference, we’re here to help as we have here some of the differences and best uses for each battery type.

Deep Cycle Battery: What is it?

A deep cycle battery distinguishes itself from other heavy-duty batteries. While it may not have the most robust electrical output, it has one of the most stable energy outputs among heavy-duty batteries. Deep cycle batteries can generate a steady amount of electricity and current without any noticeable drop in performance over a long period. Additionally, deep cycle batteries are significantly more durable than other battery types as they can be repeatedly discharged without worrying about a decrease in performance.

Deep cycle batteries also offer lower maintenance costs than other battery types allowing them to stay longer on the shelf and have longer battery life and charge cycles. The only downside of these batteries is that they are significantly more expensive than other batteries making them a significant investment for anyone without the proper budget.

Deep Cycle Battery: Best Uses

The best use for a deep cycle battery is that it can be used to power smaller vehicles such as scooters and bikes. The battery can also be used in emergency cases, such as a battery backup system during power outages. It can even be refurbished to be used as a solar panel array with other batteries.

Starter Battery: What is it?

Starter batteries, most commonly known as car batteries or starting, lighting ignition batteries, are different from deep cycle batteries. They can’t deliver a long, consistent electrical current but make up for it by delivering a high-powered burst of power over a short period.

Unlike deep cycle batteries, these batteries have a significantly shorter life span and have to be replaced when it runs out of charge cycles. It is, however, cheaper, making it the perfect choice if you only require its use for a short while.

Starer Battery: Best Uses

As the name implies, the best use for starter batteries is for demanding electrical devices such as cars and even small yachts. The amount of electricity they can produce in a short amount is enough to power these devices.