How To Solve Nonogram Puzzles

There are plenty of puzzle games out there that players can enjoy. Among them are the Nonogram puzzles. Nonogram puzzles are among the oldest and most exciting puzzle games available. They are also popularly known as picture cross, Griddler, or cross numbers.

While playing this number puzzle game is pretty fun, there are levels that can be very complex, especially as you progress into the game. But this article is here to help you solve nonograms successfully. So if you are just getting started with a nonogram puzzle or you have been playing a nonogram puzzle but you can’t seem to solve it, then keep on reading this article as we give a guide that can help you solve a nonogram puzzle. Let’s get started!

  • What is a nonogram puzzle?

Before we even delve into how you can solve a nonogram puzzle, we need to understand what a nonogram puzzle is all about. A nonogram is a grid-based puzzle game that you solve by coloring in squares based on the specific instructions given. Once you have solved it, you will end up with a picture. Nonogram levels come in varying difficulties. The initial levels are pretty easy, but as you progress into the game, you will realize that the levels are getting more challenging.

  • How to solve a nonogram

Now that you know what a nonogram puzzle is all about, let’s see how you can easily solve it.  If you want to successfully solve a nonogram puzzle, you need to consider each row and column separately with a line approach. The solved squares store the information about potential colors for a particular cell. This way, the device you are using to play your nonogram puzzle won’t have to derive the information from the calculated matrix.

Additionally, another top method you can use to solve a nonogram puzzle is by using a priority queue information structure, where every element could be having a priority associated with them. In this case, high priority cells, particularly the longer ones, are dealt with in the beginning. However, they may soon be empty, hence no puzzle to solve.

Generally, there are a number of methods and techniques you can use to solve a nonogram puzzle. So it doesn’t matter which method you should use as long as you understand it, and it can help you achieve the objective of the game, which is to color in squares in the grid based on the instructions that you have been given.

If you want to become an expert in solving nonogram puzzles, then it is crucial that you practice more. As always, practice makes perfect. However, if you are just getting started with Nonograms, let nobody lie to you that it will always be smooth for all levels; there are levels that you will feel stuck. That’s why continuously practicing is crucial to help you gain experience that can help you solve even more challenging levels, and become a pro-nonogram puzzler.