Self Service Kiosk -Features

We are living in a time of speed to market, Kiosks have to speed up the process. self-service kiosk are changing the way customers order food, it provides a simpler, more efficient way to place a food order and a more streamlined system for staff to accept and service orders.

 This all-in-one kiosk for rapid deployment and operation is an integrated solution that enables businesses to meet the expectations of their customers with instant service capabilities across many different industries .

Uses and benefits

  • Fully-Automated; Fully-automated the order-taking process by letting your customers have the freedom to place orders themselves. Self-Serve Kiosks work as a self-catered point of sale that improves convenience for you, your customers, and your business, as a whole.
  • Browsing Made Easy; Be it a selection of restaurants that are part of a food court or your business’ menu, customers can easily pinpoint what they need for a smooth experience.
  • Reduce Costs; Now you can streamline everything from the ordering process right down to payment.
  • Click and collect display
  • QR CODE Technology
  • Automatically Fire Orders

Touch screen self-service kiosks are now a part of the digital transformation revolution in customer service.  Such interactive kiosks can include self-checkout lanes, e-ticketing, information-way finding, bill payment, and vending.