MilesWeb Review – Host Your eCommerce Website with their VPS Hosting

Are you wondering what hosting to use for your growing eCommerce website?

The job of picking the best hosting provider to power your eCommerce shop comes with the process of building your eCommerce store.

With a 20x quicker page performance than ordinary servers, MilesWeb is the most reliable all-around e-commerce hosting service. In terms of powerful eCommerce functionality also MilesWeb is the best.

Here is everything you need to know about eCommerce hosting from MilesWeb that will assist you in making an informed selection.

Dealing with the growing website traffic is the most common thing when you have an eCommerce website. You never know when the traffic on your website will have a drastic hike. Using a shared server to host your eCommerce website is not a good option as shared hosting does not provide a scalability facility. Although shared servers provide low-budget hosting plans, they are quite not appropriate for eCommerce sites.

Why Use VPS for eCommerce sites?

eCommerce sites may experience growing traffic at the time of discounts or sales. During the seasonal sales and discounts, your eCommerce sites will probably need added resources. As discussed, VPS hosting provides resource scalability and can be the best choice for your eCommerce site. With VPS hosting, you can scale up or scale down the server resources you use for your website. Scalability is the solid reason you have to use VPS hosting for your eCommerce site. Apart from resource scalability, VPS hosting also provides various benefits like:

Full Root Access

You can have root access and the ability to run scripts that aren’t usually allowed in shared hosting environments. With Dedicated Web servers, root access is a shared benefit. However, given that a VPS can now be purchased for less than the cost of shared hosting, it is well worth the investment.


VPS packages are significantly less sensitive to uptime difficulties caused by malicious code, misuse, or load fluctuations on other packages that share the same server since they function in containers. VPS hosting packages have an obvious benefit over shared hosting packages because of this. The dedicated IP provided to all the clients in VPS hosting makes higher security possible and a priority.


When compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting provides you with more control over your virtual server. For the most part, technical assistance is comparable to shared hosting. The majority of VPS plans may be customized to meet your unique company needs. VPS hosting guarantees that you only pay for what you require, and you are not burdened with resources that you will never use.

As of now, we know the benefits of using VPS hosting for your growing eCommerce site.

Let us know why to use MilesWeb to get the VPS plans.

About MilesWeb:

MilesWeb is an Indian web host established in 2012. The company furnishes 70+ web hosting plans under various web hosting types like shared, reseller, VPS, cloud, dedicated, WordPress, cPanel, etc. MilesWeb is currently serving 30,000+ customers worldwide and is growing in numbers rapidly.

MilesWeb is famous for its great support. The company has a great team of qualified and expert support staff ready to help and assist you 24/7. Also, the company provides managed and unmanaged hosting plans. You can select one appropriate for your business.

Talking about the VPS hosting plans by MilesWeb, the company offers a 25% discount on all the managed and unmanaged VPS hosting plans for Linux and Windows-based websites and applications.

Linux-based Managed VPS Hosting Plan by MilesWeb:

With all the managed VPS hosting plans for Linux, the company offers SSD servers, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 100% bot-free support, and data center in India.

The fully managed VPS hosting plans are categorized into two, namely Standard and Memory Optimized.

The Standard VPS offers ten plans starting from V1 to V10, and the Memory Optimized offers eight plans starting from VO1 to VO8.

The V1 plan has the following resources including:

  • 2 vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD Disk
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP

The V10 plan has the following resources including:

  • 40 vCPU
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD Disk
  • 3000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP

The VO1 plan has the following resources including:

  • 2 vCPU
  • 15 GB RAM
  • 25 GB SSD
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP

The VO8 plan has the following resources including:

  • 8 vCPU
  • 120 GB RAM
  • 200 GB SSD Disk
  • 3000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP

Pros of Hosting with MilesWeb:

The company provides Canadian web hosting services and all over the world. Also, the liberty to choose the operating system of your choice. CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora are some of the variants of the Linux operating system provided by MilesWeb.

For your Linux OS, you can choose one control panel from DirectAdmin and cPanel.

You get a fully managed VPS hosting environment from MilesWeb. The in-house team of MilesWeb monitors your VPS server 24/7.

You get the best speed and performance with MilesWeb’s technology solutions. Your eCommerce website will always be up and running no matter what.

Your website gets enterprise-grade hardware with all the VPS hosting plans.

All the managed VPS hosting plans include:

  • VPS hosting setup
  • Control panel installation and configuration
  • Third-party software installation
  • Linux security and hardening
  • CMS and Web application installation
  • Optimizing web server and fine-tuning
  • Database optimization
  • Network fine-tuning
  • Server performance fine-tuning
  • Security optimization
  • Kernel patch updates
  • Malware, virus detection, and protection
  • Installation of security patches and updates
  • Spam protection
  • Database and Website security
  • Protection against server blacklisting
  • Malware removal
  • VPS performance optimization
  • VPS migration
  • Hardware and network related issues

Finally, MilesWeb is the best web host providing appropriate features for your eCommerce site. You get ample plans and resources to select from with MilesWeb.