Best Alexa Skill Updates in 2021

As with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa is a speech-driven system akin to the iPhone’s. Skills are commands sent to the service that can do anything from playing a certain song to raising the thermostat’s temperature. Skills are similar to voice-activated applications and you need to learn about alexa skills list to use them accordingly.

Skills in the Arts and Humor-Related Activities-

To play beer goggles, just say, “Alexa, play this.”-

Maybe you shouldn’t have another drink just yet. Using a series of questions and the answers you provide, this talent assesses whether you have hit your limit.

‘Alexa, turn on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno,’-

Jimmy Fallon’s speech from the previous night may have slipped your mind. Do you want to know who the comedian will be having on his show shortly? You’re taken care of, thanks to your mastery of this ability.

Just say the word “open” to get the joke. –

Geek Humor is the ability to deliver jokes from the scientific and technology categories that are sure to make your inner geek laugh.

The ability to listen to music, read books, and listen to the podcast-

The command is as simple as saying, “Alexa, play [album name] album.”-

You can tell Alexa to play the whole album, beginning at the very beginning.

‘Alexa, play [artist name music]’-

This ability plays a selection of songs from the specified artist or band at random. Your account’s access to these songs is determined by the services and digital assets you’ve linked to it.

‘Alexa, ask Audible to play [title of book]’-

This ability lets you listen to an Audible book you bought on your Alexa-enabled device if you purchased it from Audible.

Learn about these other abilities as well:

In the kitchen, Alexa is an excellent helper-

The option to add products to a master shopping list is pre-installed on Alexa. Even if you never use it, being able to immediately inform Alexa while cooking that you’ve run out of cayenne pepper is quite convenient.

Once connected, you may read and manage recipes and send shopping lists while also keeping track of expiry dates. While out shopping, it will even remind you of what you have in your cupboard.

With Alexa’s assistance, you can eat better-

Know that among alexa skills list, maintaining a healthy weight is more essential than losing or gaining weight, thus keeping track of your caloric intake is crucial and Alexa can take care of that. Use an Alexa skill to make it simple.

You may ask things like “Alexa, instruct food tracker to record a glass of milk” or “Alexa, ask food tracker for my calorie report” with the Track by Nutritionix skill. Instead of keeping track of your caloric intake in a separate notebook, you may keep track of your intake while cooking a meal.

Alexa can locate a lost phone-

Unfortunately, it’s quite simple to misplace or lose your phone when sitting on the sofa. It’s probable that if anybody else is home, you’ll frantically beg them to phone it for you. Instead of waiting for your roommate or spouse to arrive home, use Alexa’s Where’sMyPhone skill to find your phone on your own.