Information about office 2019 upgrade

Office 2019 professional plus is an upgrade of Office 2019 and thus, it is important to know what was carried forward from the previous version to the current. Even though there is a technology of installation which is completely different, you can still utilize the same tools for software distribution like the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, which is you use currently to deploy Office. Also, the way you activate the licensed version volume of the Office, like by having to use the KMS – key management serves, is still the same.

Majority of the Office 2019 version remains at 16.0 and thus extra things remain the same if  you are upgrading from the office 2016 which include the below:

  • The Group Policy that currently exist will continue working as the registry location for the setting will be located there.
  • Other locations for registry as well as the setting information which reference 16.0 will continue to apply
  • The adds-ins as well as other solutions extensibility which tend to be compatible with the Office 2016 will be compatible with the Office 2019 or will require a few testing

New features in office 2019

Access, Outlook, Excel. Project Visio, PowerPoint and Word all have some new features. The Office 2019 includes some but not the entire features which will be available in the Office versions which come with the Office 365 plan.

Office 2019 doesn’t receive extra new features after release. If you are out to get new office feature on an ongoing basis, you will need to move to the office 365 plan, otherwise referred to as Microsoft 365plan which includes Office.

Majority of the enterprise plans have apps for Microsoft 365 for enterprise which previously was referred to as Office 365 ProPlus that included the same Office Apps as the Office professional plus 2019.  To learn more, you will need to learn about the enterprises office 365 plans and enterprises for Microsoft 365 plans.

Upgrading to office 2019

It is recommended that you have to uninstall all the existing versions of Office before deploying Office 2019. If you uninstall the versions of Office products that were previously installed with the MSI – Windows Installer, the tool for Office deployment will be able to remove majority of the products for you as part of the Office 2019 installation.

Extra information

  • Office professional Plus 2019 includes Excel, Access, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, PowerPoint, Skype for Business, and Word
  • Publisher and Access are not available if you have a device that is running on macOS
  • There is no new 2019 version when it comes to OneNote, but the OneNote versions that is installed with the Office 2019.
  • All the Office 2019 products are available for both the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions. It is recommended you go for the 64 bit if your computer has 4 GB and above memory. But you need to first assess the compatibility of the application and other factors which might need you to utilize the 32 bit version.