Remote Working Roles Fit for the Future

With the pandemic fading and the ringing still in our ears, many of us have grown familiar with remote work. If you don’t want to go back to the office, these roles could suit you.

There are multiple careers in tech that will uplift your work-life balance with a little remote work. The technology sector is designed to be remote. If you can’t log in to a network to fix a computer issue, then what can you do while working from home?

Tech jobs come and go, so we thought it would be useful to review the ones driving change as we move through 2022. Looking to retrain in remote work? This list of 2022 tech jobs could be just the direction you have been searching for.

Remote Work Roles Trending in 2022

Researching your next job in the tech sector? Here is some top inspiration on jobs that let you advance.

The Java Developer

There are multiple types of software engineer out there. The software engineer works with different programming languages, using those to create new programs like apps. Software engineers are integral to the modern business, since they can write the programs that operate to keep them online. There are different types of software engineer. The Java Developer is familiar with the Java programming language and specialises in developing new games, programs, and platforms, using this script.

What is the average salary of a Java Developer?

Here in the UK, the average salary of a Java Developer is £38,111. This can double if you live in London.

Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer specialises in all aspects of cloud computing. They are usually employed by companies to oversee cloud operations. Inter-departmental programs can get messy when it comes to a centralised system that manages your cloud interactions. Keeping everything in the same place is smoother for everyone. A centralised system requires someone capable of understanding it, maintaining it, and training others how to use it. This makes cloud engineering essential in the business world, as well as potentially fully remote.

What is the average salary for a cloud role?

The average cloud engineer in the UK gets a starting salary around the £30,000 mark. After this, there is a possibility of rising as high as £60k. Again, you make more for this job in tech if you live and work in London.

Business Analyst

A business analyst is a specific type of data analyst. These are the people that analyse all of the information that your company collects every day, to pull out useful data. They take out the useful information and then use it to create graphs and charts for others to understand. They then analyse the data for patterns, problems, and potential drawbacks, which may be impacting your business. Once they find problems, they can devise solutions that speed things up, boosting ROI and production. Business analysts are the computer scientists powering the corporate world.

What is the average salary of a Business Analyst?

A business analyst can earn a cool £35,000 a year in the UK. They have options to improve if they move around different companies.