9 Tech Blogs And Websites Of USA You Must Subscribe To

Keeping up with the latest technology trends is mandatory in the digital age. The increasing demand for the latest tech news and updates has given birth to a myriad of tech blogs in the USA.

These blogs are an ideal place for checking out product releases, getting regular tech updates, news about tech startups, and more.

Although these blogs post regular content, most of these sites repeatedly contain unverified news and use clickbait titles to attract readers. These blogs also repurpose the same content multiple times, leading to a waste of readers’ time. For this reason, one must subscribe to reliable websites with original content. Here is a list of nine USA top websites you can consider subscribing to for fresh tech news.

Top 9 tech blogs and websites to follow in the USA

#1: TechCrunch:

If you are looking for the latest news on tech startups, then TechCrunch is your go-to destination. With a domain authority score of 94, TechCrunch is a pool of competitive tech news that offers reliable information about technology firms and startups worldwide. This website is worth subscribing to for the newest tech products on the market.

#2: The Verge:

Under the VOX Media publishing news, The Verge is a prominent website that circulates regular feature stories, product reviews, tech news, and podcasts. This website is unique with its extensive coverage of Tech topics and unique editorials. The Verge is making a global impact with its top-notch and engaging content in the blog which always keeps up with the current trend in the market. If you live in the USA this website is worth your time and attention.

#3: Gizmodo:

Gizmodo is a popular US-based website that provides updates and news related to gadgets. Content on this website is from verified sources. You can learn about different gadgets by reading well-documented guides by experts in this domain. This website also allows you to consume content in video format. For tracking the most recent innovations in technology, Gizmodo will be your best friend.

#4: Engadget:

Engadget is a fascinating website that features information on the latest software, gadgets, and video games. If you are an explorer, you will definitely love the comprehensive posts about tech updates and the latest releases. Keep yourself up to date with Engadget’s video section, where you can visually understand the features and looks of a gadget. Undoubtedly, this website must-have is on any tech enthusiast’s list.

#5: CNET:

CNET is a trustworthy provider of trendy tech news in the US. Since its inception in 1994, this site keeps providing the readers with in-depth unbiased product reviews. Steadfast and authentic product guides, engaging instructional videos, and timely tech news will make you fall in love with this website.

#6: Wired:

Wired is a striking blog, dedicated to technology and digital culture. Apart from technology, this website covers various domains such as science, business, politics, entertainment, digital security which makes it a blog worth following. Articles at Wired is carefully curated by experienced writers and professionals who cater to the relevant topics and bring insights about the tech industry to the global audience.

#7: Recode:

Another body of the VOX Media house is Recode, which offers independent tech news with reviews of technology written by verified and trusted journalists. Always be well-informed about cyber security and tech updates with this wonderful blog, which makes an effort to explain how advancements in technology shaped our world. If you are looking for a striking user experience, visit this blog today.

#8: Slashdot:

It is really annoying when you are trying to focus on a tech article and an advertisement pops up on the screen. With Slashdot, you can get a distraction-free reading experience. Starting from technology & science to business & politics, this website provides the “Stuff that Matters.”

#9: Mashable:

Mashable is a globally-recognized source of the best tech news and entertainment. This multi-platform media channel is known for its vast coverage of digital culture, finance, gadgets, proprietary software, and commitment to a global audience.

This section ends the list of top USA-based websites you should subscribe to in 2022. So, you can now dive into the world of the latest tech news without further wait.